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To promote excellence in Bahrain’s healthcare sector by striving towards the achievement of the highest standards in preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care in the region.

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Provide high quality and premium health care designed around the needs of the patients at economic cost. And to be a model of excellence for the provision of healthcare and wellness services.

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Welcome to Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic

Creative Doctors

Medicine is a field with a strong history of creativity. Our doctors go beyond the normal standardization of an algorithmic approach to diagnosis and treat- ment and focus more on how to provide you the best care. We adapt to your needs and not the other way around.


We continuously invest in the latest technologies, which combines with our medical team’s superior skill sets, to deliver substantial results.


Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic has been around for 40 years. We have years of experience treating conditions from the common to the rare. Our reach is broad – we’ve treated people from every corner of the world, and those people tell us they are highly satisfied with their 

24/7 Support

Our qualified general practitioners are available 24/7 to help you with advice and quick consultations. You can be rest assured that for all your needs we will be available 365 days a year.

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Our Clinic

Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic was established to provide the absolute best in healthcare. At our Clinic, the needs of the patient are most important. Expect to be listened to closely whilst you explain your problem, and to be kept informed every step of the way as our doctors narrows down the diagnostic possibilities and discusses treatment options with you.

With a team of reputable doctors, caring nurses, expert technicians, and friendly, well trained staff, Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic is set to usher in new standards of healthcare in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

General Medicine at Dr. Abdualla Kamal Clinic offers treatment and preventive care for people of all ages, nationalities and genders. Our highly skilled physicians have international experience in treating people with all health issues, as well as providing health education for you and your family.

When visiting our physicians, expect to be listened to closely whilst you explain your specific problem, and to be kept informed every step of the way as your doctor narrows down the diagnostic possibilities and discusses treatment options with you.

Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic has an ultramodern radiology and imaging department equipped with the state of the art imaging modalities. The department prides itself on the high quality of its work, rapid and accurate diagnosis, and at the same time, ensuring maximum comfort to all patients.

Reports are generated as quickly as feasible, and the radiologists are always available for discussion with the patients, and medical colleagues on specific examinations.

The Laboratory Service at Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic is a comprehensive department that delivers subspecialty clinical care. Our mission is to deliver reliable, timely diagnostic services and to achieve excellence with commitment to quality, safety and professionalism in accordance with international standards.

The laboratory department offers referring doctors and patients a comprehensive selection of tests and services. Our laboratory strives to perform physician – ordered tests accurately and efficiently and provide clear and timely reports.

What Our patients Say About Us

I have been visiting Dr. Abdualla Kamal Clinic for all my heath care needs since the time i was young. From all my experiences I can say for sure that Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic is the best clinic in Bahrain.


Ahmed Alawadhi

The first time I visited Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic, one of the first things I noticed was the warm and welcoming staffs. It’s great to see the doctors taking the extra effort to sit with you and provide you valuable information beyond what I have seen in other clinics or hospitals in Bahrain. I would highly recommend Dr. Abdulla Kamal Clinic to everyone.


T Simon Mathew